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Anthropologist , photographer, video artist, V.J. y audiovisual director.

Cosmopolitan, nightlife, restless:
Her heart beats at least at 180 B.P.M.
She loves experimenting within diverse media languages, avoiding any limits in her creation, until her brain and her heart stops beating.

With her personal and provocative style, She crossed the bounderies of the still image, to move into hybrid territories of audiovisual contamination: between performance, dance, documentary, 3D generative experiment, sound and any other art form.

Collaborates and publishes as a photographer for various magazines, newspapers and art books.

Rome, Berlin and Barcelona are the cities where where She realized various creations and more than a hundred exhibitions amongst photography, video art, performances and other art events.


Photography has been the first language experienced by this multi-faced artist, who found in a Body Art her own roots.
Her degree dissertation in Anthropology, “MASTER OF PAIN” , is focused in the rituals of flogging in a religion, compared to the performance in Body Art.

Her interest for the ritual and i the Body as Media, led her to participate in various performance projects, experimenting solely or within groups , and putting her hands on It , with her own body.

The aesthetics of Tea abounds in disturbing and corrosive pictures: In Spiegel, performance dance and pain (with Neus Suñé), as in the minimal geometric games, her audiovisual collection project , “Back to Basics”, a collaborative production by 8 sound producers between Berlin, Rome and Barcelona.

All the footage she uses for her vj performances is shot by her self.
No stock video is used. She gives visuals a whole new dimension with an unique style.

Her works of video art usually treat facts related to gender, sexuality and the human body, with syncopated and hypnotic rhythm, alternating colors, speed and sound.

She’s collaborating with Ob-art productions co-producer of her video art work and international labels distributor.


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