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TeamJaded Productions is an award winning video production and post-production company specializing in branded non-fiction and promotional videos. We are San Francisco and New Orleans based. Jeremey Lavoi and Abby Berendt Lavoi founded the company.

We have produced work for Pandora, Bank of America, MTVu, MTV2, TuneIn, History Channel,, Current TV, Redford Center,, Sierra Club, HarperCollins Publishers, FreshBooks, Invisible Children, Roughneck Skateboard Hardware, and many more.

We like Documentaries, Art, Music, Space, DIY, Social Media, Progressive Politics, Skateboarding, and kittens.

For more of our client work, bios, info, and reels head to

Want to chat? Hit us up at
info [at] jadedmultimedia [dot] com

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