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Miss Officer and Mr Truffles is an animated series about a rookie RCMP officer and her former circus bear partner fighting crime and solving mysteries in Backwoods, Canada. Who's feeding animals at the rest stop? Who keeps littering when there are garbage, recycling and compost bins clearly marked? And what is Pathos of the Millennium Circus up to this time?

Team MOAMT are a collective of animators, producers, and artists working remotely around North America to deliver a full seven minute pilot based on the highly popular photo of RCMP Officer Suzanne Borque's encounter with a baby bear in Newfoundland. Inspired by series like Gravity Falls and The Magic Schoolbus, the team is taking advantage of new filesharing technology, crowdsourcing, and affordable software to create a 7 minute pilot. The show is intended to be a positive and diverse role model for children and a trailblazer for the future of animation production.

You can contribute to the series' development on Kickstarter, and follow along on Facebook, Tumblr, and Twitter.

Director/Writer: E.L. Zofchak
Supervising Director: Ami Guillien
Producer: Kate Sullivan

Lead Animator: Avian Anderson

Avian Anderson
Fil Romero
Marco Ibarra

Background Artists:
Mollie Boorman
Marco Ibarra
Gus Sanchez
Rebecca Simpson

Color & Clean-Up:
Sarah Miskoff
Avian Anderson

Kate Sullivan

Music & Vocals:
Sean Key

Voice Cast:
Jacob Burgess

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