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Tea Sessions is a platform for acoustic artists to perform and be recorded on location, in and around the city of Leeds.

Inspired from websites such as 'La Blogotheque', Tea Sessions focuses on the un-produced and the un-rehearsed. Our aim is to capture the fresh and impromptu performances of contemporary musicians in recognisable and immersive locations around Leeds, reflecting on the city's exciting and diverse music scene.

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  1. Jasmine Kennedy
  2. Lucy Thornton
  3. John J Lindsley
  4. Philomath
  5. MscTch
  6. Jack Varnell
  7. Philein
  8. Daniel Pavitt
  9. michael Turner
  10. ken hp
  11. Crowns & Owls
  12. Thomas Ball
  13. The Blind Club
  14. Jennifer Morris
  15. (b-side)
  16. Craig Goode
  17. Ollie Jenkins