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I am first, a qualified medical doctor, and also a proud experienced Marketing Business owner and a Publisher. I write and post, with great passion, articles online on health, health technology, technology in general, to various guest blog online sites. I also help in marketing information on health, health and technology, computers, electronics, mobile, smartphones, space, and just about any new technology in the corporate market place, with keen interest in those areas that can improve healthcare and its delivery systems, and the environment. In summary I market information on the finest, new, emerging, and leading technology innovations around the world through in-depth, intensive research work. I am a scientist, educator, trainer, researcher and an Internet marketing executive of over 20 years experience. I have long been creating campaign strategies, achieving corporate goals by aligning campaign strategies with corporate goals. I do centralize resources for efficiency, easy useability, and easy & rapid deployment by using state of the art deployment and management tools. If you'll like to get the latest, and up-to-date information delivered to you, register for my Feed at: feeds.feedburner.com/ourtechstores

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