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As a photographer born in Hong Kong, Teddy Leung (Leung Wing Lun) loves to record the unforgettable moments with his cameras as if what painters do in paintings. That is probably why one can easily distinguish Teddy’s photographic style from others’. Teddy manages to photograph the subjects in his own style regardless of the complexity of the subjects. What is remarkable is that his masterpieces are able to gain the applause of the public.

Teddy had worked with several professional photographers during his days in the publishing & production house, which enabled him to assimilate a lot of knowledge in aspects such as practical photography and work management which a photographer needs to know. Teddy had later become the cover photographer for the magazine. Having written a number of books on photography, Teddy has gained people’s appreciation of his professional knowledge and technique regarding photography.

Portrait, fashion, food, still life and interior are all Teddy’s specialties. With the popularity of digital photography in recent years, he has mastered the skills of digital photography and post production professionally.

So this is Teddy Leung, a photographic professional devoted to endless learning to meet the market’s needs.

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