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I want to watch and be a part of projects that create a new world, with new possibilites using fragments of ours. I want to challenge the power dynamics within films and film making today. I'm learning about my own subjectivity and voice.


  1. Lise McMillan
  2. The Assignment
  3. Jim Agapito
  4. Shawn Olin Jordan
  5. PO-MO Inc.
  6. Michael J. Scott Productions
  7. Guy Maddin
  8. Sinewave
  9. Jet Black Productions
  10. Kayla Jeanson
  11. clint enns
  12. Darcy Fehr
  13. Ashley Lewis
  14. shimby zegeye-g.
  15. Scott Fitzpatrick
  16. Goldenboy Films
  17. M.F.A
  18. Jeff Spriggs