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ROCKville, Maryland USA

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AMERICAS/GLOBE [NEWSFLASH!] -- After 25 years, Ted Palmer is a resurfacing/re-emerging, unsigned and 'next school' performance and production technician and musicians' musician. Now looking for performance, artistic music, movie score, writing and other collaboration opportunities, Ted is a self-trained multi-instrumentalist who has over 25 years experience that started with playing drums and singing backup in cover bands covering Van Halen, Billy Idol, Kinks, Eddie Money and over 50 other covers as a teen. More traditional but contemporary influences that span from all parts include such late greats as Johnny Cash, John Coltrane, James Marshall Hendrix ('Jimi' of course), Howlin' Wolf, Chris Isaak, Fleetwood Mac, Ozzy and many others who are too numerous to list.

Ted kept learning through bass, rhythm, lead guitar, and within the last few years, piano, synthesizer and am now self-learning violin. I know how and when to apply the "know how" of music, physical orchestration and technology, and art more than most ...

As a result, of his unique training approach, Ted has developed a unique composition and performance style, which he combines with state of the art digital and acoustic engineering techniques. You will hear the difference!!

Ted is now ready!! WATCH OUT & CRANK IT UP!!

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