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From the fictions unveiled in the middle of a scientific bourgeois show, to the ironies of our present society, to the imposed illusion of a world divided in three apparent parts. About how to use "old media devices", forgotten or destined to museums and historic illustrations, neither moved for a romantic desire of yearning the old, nor in order to produce something "creative and original" (as it were the assignment of an advertisement agency).

It is about connect diverse times and geographies (sometimes incompatible and conflicting) through "Heterogeneous Media". It is about evade the evolutive historical line which confine us to believe that every step, every new invention, every experiment should be left back in order to adopt a new one. We put all kinds of media, new, old, forgotten, obsolete, overused, commercial, useless, all over the table, as if we were making a transversal cut through history. Simply it is about tell stories (new and old) through several media (new and old), with the aim to forget this unproductive dialectic and be able to capture the most difficult: the present. TELEFANTE is formed by Luis Negron van Grieken y Juan Carlos Orozco Velasquez

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