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  1. 51:00


    by Westminster Television School

    First Year Shooting Drama 2013/2014

  2. 01:24:49

    Astral Peaks

    by Westminster Television School

    First year Shooting Drama 2011/2012 Strange things are starting to happen at the University, as our protagonist finds herself at the very centre of a murder plot and the desire of a mad professor…

  3. 51:15

    Gangs and Roast Pork

    by Westminster Television School

    First Year Drama 2012/2013 After winning a writing contest to create a feature length film, our main character Emma has to contend with the real test; a sociopathic Director with a bizarre fetish,…

  4. 01:40:24

    The Play's The Thing

    by Westminster Television School

    First Year Drama Series 2014/2015 After winning a competition to create a play in the university, everything seems to be going well for Charlie Rose. However, her mentor is not quite who he seems…

  5. 01:42:40

    Forest of Lies

    by Westminster Television School

    Students and professors, relationships, crime and drugs - several characters' stories interweaving in a thrilling drama! Produced by BA Honours Television Production of the University of…

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