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Tom Morris is an ambitious performer. Within his band, Her Name is Calla, he leads through wild dynamics and near-claustrophobic intensity.

Tom Morris self released a total of six EP's during 2011, following that output with a full length album in February 2012 named 'We Were Animals' on his own label Olynka Records. Since then he has released an art print with an accompanying song-track called 'The Roots Run Deep'.

August 2012 saw a very limited release of Morris's second album entitled 'And You Were The Hunter'. The album was released worldwide in June 2013 via Function Records and quickly followed up by a run of EP's and a mini album called The Long Distance Runner.

Since then he has written music for various films and TV shows including the BAFTA nominated Channel 4 drama Southcliffe.

He has contributed to the next Yellow Bird charity compilation which will see the light of day in winter 2014 and features King Creosote, Dry the River, Andrew Bird and many more.

He is currently at work on his first novel entitled An Unknown Island. The novel is a cross media project that also has its own soundtrack.

“...confessional, an open statement of private struggles and private sins; it does not hope for redemption or for help—it simply asks to be heard.” - The Bomber Jacket

“At his best, Morris sounds fragile, brooding and melancholic, his voice haunting. Having an impressive vocal range certainly helps, and he uses it to forge an atmosphere of quiet intensity.” - Whisperin and Hollerin

"...striking emotional depth added to exquisite songwriting to produce something fragile yet extraordinarily powerful." - The 405

"His mind is fully saturated by ideas, something affirmed by his prodigious output..." - GodisintheTV

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