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At Tenacious Ventures we specialize in:
- Online Analytic Monitoring and Reporting
- Digital Media Production (Live and Post Production)
- Social Media Strategy and Engagement

Client list includes: Microsoft, ING Direct Inc., Sharebuilder, Bungie Studios, enterpriseSeattle, Washington Interactive Network, City of Seattle and more...

To gain insight into our media strategy and industry influencers we perform analytics before, during and after campaigns around a brand or topic to determine the level of content creation taking place, the conversation topics being discussed, sentiment and specifically who the influencers are. We then launch an engagement program to interact with the influencers to get them onboard with our campaigns. To act on the analytic data and launch the campaign we use a combination of media types. These include pre-produced videos, live video broadcasts, live photography, and twitter and facebook to trigger a higher level of interaction in the physical and virtual worlds. At the end of the campaign we report on what's been happening online and measure the impact of the program to continue learning what is working best.

We've found that using a combination of interactive media from the organization accounts and encouraging user generated content, we drive the content creation and traffic around the campaigns. The content created positions the brands involved as industry leaders in their niche. The network of inter-linked corporate, partner and user generated content increases the SEO of all the parties involved which increase their visibility online.

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