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Malmö, Sweden

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A Tenderversion Recording is a small independent label from the south of Sweden, releasing carefully selected artists within the post rock, experimental, instrumental and indie genres since 2004.

We have the pleasure of releasing music, videos and other arts by some of our most favorite bands ever; Audrey, Mire Kay, Once We Were, Scraps Of Tape, Seidenmatt, September Malevolence, Seven Feet Four and Yamon Yamon; and also collaborating with a lot more, creating a small footprint in this world made by love of art and filled with positive forward thinking.

Tenderversion was founded in Gothenburg in 2004 by Martin Lundmark and run by the very same until 2008. Then moved it's HQ south to Malmö in the fall of 2008 and since then run by Victoria Skoglund, Ola Lindgren and Mikael Persson.

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