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  1. FDR-AX100 - 4K-USER GROUP

    by Greenwave joined

    317 Videos / 152 Members

    Be part of the 4K revolution with the first Ultra-HD Consumer-camcorder!


    by Bojan Mitkovski joined

    5,425 Videos / 1,088 Members

    This is a Group for all Wedding Cinematographers, to share, communicate and cooperate between themselves. There is also Facebook Group: http://www.facebook.com/groups/256623381065642/ And every…

  3. World Wedding Cinema

    by Alexander Zinchuk joined

    19.9K Videos / 2,699 Members

    Wedding film inspiration from around the world! Created by Alexander Zinchuk Zinchuk Films http://zinchukvideo.com

  4. wedding

    by Xenos Konstantinos joined

    17.6K Videos / 2,517 Members

  5. Canon EOS C100 User Group

    by White Box Studio joined

    2,024 Videos / 850 Members

    For videos produced on Canon's C100 mark i & ii cinema camera.

  6. Canon C500

    by Texas Media Systems joined

    77 Videos / 33 Members

    Canon C500 $15,999 Apply for Leasing Online: http://www.texasmediasystems.com/canon-leasing.php

  7. Sugar Frosted 5x5s

    by Leif Enger joined

    32 Videos / 26 Members

    Of course there’s no call for another 5x5 group, not with Blake Whitman’s excellent “5 Vignettes,” Maria Bowskill’s “5x5 fanatics” and other groups filling…

  8. Vimeo FRANCE

    by Vimeo France joined

    8,290 Videos / 1,794 Members

  9. Editor Freaks

    by Sse Productions joined

    235 Videos / 282 Members

    This group is for all people who love EDITING, EXPERIMENTAL editing and COLOUR GRADING. We prefer projects that have mix of those three ingredients, but it is possible that we allow your work even…

  10. #weekendhashtagproject - Weekend Hashtag Project

    by Mike Pearce joined

    23 Videos / 57 Members

    #weekendhashtagproject (Weekend Hashtag (#) Project) is a brand new group featuring designated themes & hashtags chosen by the creator of this group. With the ever growing use and popularity of…

  11. Richard Cousins

    by MoJo4Content joined

    16 Videos / 3 Members

    For reels or further information contact lise@mcqfilms.com or call +44 7879 811683

  12. Neo-noir Films

    by Joseph Murphy joined

    155 Videos / 109 Members

    This group is intended for people with a specific interest in film noir. "Neo-noir" is a term that defines movies that capture the elements of a film noir, but have updated visual content…

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