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My name is Evan Mills and I am a Director living in Chicago currently working on a feature length Musical film that I wrote and will be directing called "It's a Terrible Week for Singing."

It's a Terrible Week For Singing originated in the summer of 2011 as a short, five song, 16 minute film. Due to certain circumstances, the short had to be put on hold. Three months later, after meeting, collaborating and sharing ideas with other creative film students here at Columbia College, I brought the project back out and turned it into a 16 song, 90 minute feature film.

Our story is about Barnaby, an unhappy puppeteer, who just found out that his ex girlfriend of four years is now a lesbian. After their break up, he was forced to move in with his two lazy and jobless best friends, Wendell and Quiet Todd. Living in their backyard is Della, Barnaby's childhood stalker. A little mentally unstable and hopelessly in love with Barnaby, she watches over him day and night. As the week goes on, a new interest, Avi, catches his eye. Unfortunately, every chance he gets to talk to Avi, something gets in the way. Hoping that his week gets better, he is ultimately misled as his week, in fact, gets worse and worse.

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