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Filmmaker, artist, huntress.

Known as a former "punk-rock debutante" born and raised in Texas, Ashley began hunting in December of 2008, inspired by her passion and interest in Slow Food, her family history with bird-hunting, and the influence of her former love, an hunter and gourmet chef... An animal lover and anti-gun Liberal, Chiles was the last person on earth anyone expected to pick up a rifle. Struggling with the ethics of meat consumption, she decided if she were to continue to eat meat, she would have to kill, gut, skin, and cook an animal in order to truly understand the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of killing an animal. To her great surprise, her first four shots were her first four kills.
Chiles received her BS in film production from the University of Texas, mentoring under Dazed and Confused director, Richard Linklater, and subsequently collaborating on documentaries, event films and multimedia projects.
While traveling through the South African bush, Chiles "hunted out" a black wildebeest and a gourmet wild game chef for a four-course feast in Cape Town. She has been hunting and cooking with highly skilled guides and brilliant chefs around the world for the past three years.

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