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  1. Non-Digital Visual Art

    by Lorene Amet joined

    90 Videos / 56 Members

    This groups includes a range of videos on the work of contemporary artists: paintings, drawings, sculptures from across the world. No video art per se, though it might include some animation videos…

  2. Texas Street Scene

    by Counterpart Films joined

    138 Videos / 44 Members

    Texas Street Scene is the premiere web channel to get in depth interviews and information on many of your favorite Texas Artists. All genere's including Rock, Latin, Pop, Hip Hop, Rap, Reggaeton,…

  3. San Francisco Art Institute

    by Michael Friedman joined

    121 Videos / 48 Members

    Artists associated with the San Francisco Art Institute, the oldest art institution west of the Mississippi.

  4. VideoART with Content

    by Cristina Pavesi joined

    3,969 Videos / 866 Members

    Video art with concept and feeling. A group for artists who use video as a medium.

  5. Art and Artists

    by Scattergood Moore joined

    2,641 Videos / 561 Members

    varies videos on art and artists

  6. Painters Group

    by JR joined

    657 Videos / 461 Members

    Any one with a painting talent or artistic abilities. If your an artist with a different twist show your work or your interest's as an artist in the video world.

  7. Painting & Sculpture

    by Salim Alhasso joined

    788 Videos / 288 Members

    All artists are invited to join our group and contribute videos of their original work . The hope is that this group becomes an on-line gallery. All creative people wishing to share their work with…

  8. ArtPrize 2011

    by ArtPrize joined

    55 Videos / 113 Members

    On October 2nd, at the Vimeo Offline, Vimeo will premiere a video using footage YOU take at ArtPrize featuring the artists, their work, and events of ArtPrize 2011! We want YOU to take part!!…

  9. Solo

    by Robin Glass joined

    2,108 Videos / 450 Members

    This is a group for independent, autonomous artists. Anyone is welcome to join, but please include videos only if they are the creation of one individual. Concept, images, music, sound track,…

  10. artist showcase

    by Bob joined

    3,311 Videos / 734 Members

    This group is about visual artists of every medium. Interviews, documentaries, autobiographies, studio tours and gallery events are perfect for this group.

  11. The Best Christian Media on Vimeo

    by Everett Bowes joined

    3,310 Videos / 1,782 Members

    *** NOTE*** as of December, 2013 this group is now open to all submissions. There is no longer a review process. This is a place for community. A network of artists, storytellers, filmmakers.…

  12. The Arts

    by Gene Geter joined

    10.3K Videos / 3,306 Members

    A group for creative, artistic and experimental videos.

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