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Tfilm is a production company based in Rome and specialized in creative documentaries, reports and investigations.

The Threat (Luzi/Bellino, 86', 2008), about Hugo Chávez and the Bolivarian Revolution in Venezuela. More than 60 festivals, David di Donatello Nomination Best Documentary, New York Young Filmakers Prize, broadcasted by NHK, TV4, RAI, CURRENT TV.

On the Art of War (Luzi/Bellino, 85', 2012), about the Innse workers' struggle. More than 40 festivals, 14 prizes, Best European Documentary for the Fedeora Press Association, Golden Globe Nomination Best Documentary, theatrical distribution in Italy.

The Prey. Silence in the name of God (52', 2013)

The Bank of God (52', 2013)

We are Rebels. New Caledonia (26', 2014)

The Land of Fires (52', 2014)

The Dream of Homer, directed by Emiliano Aiello.
We are Rebels, the series (Luzi/Bellino, 4x26').

Cavallo pazzo, vita avventurosa di Mario Appignani, directed by Valerio M. Trapasso
Domenico Petrocelli, directed by Luca Bellino

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