Thabang Moleya

Johannesburg, South Africa

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Thabang Moleya's love affair with cinema started while he was in high-school at the National School of Arts. "I fell in love with photography, which led to film. The medium of communicating 1000 words through one picture drew me closer to the art of storytelling through images" he says.

When at college Moleya's short films were turning heads at film festivals around the world, winning the JAMESON AWARD for BEST SHORT FILM at the SITHENGI FILM FESTIVAL, 'PORTRAIT OF A DARK SOUL' was one of the short films that sent Moleya's name abroad. "From then on I was flying; my short films were in Italy, Finland, London, and Burkina Faso for different festivals, I was the youngest filmmaker there, feeling a little out of place and shy. But people were not looking at me they were interested in what I could do." In the same year Moleya won the IBDA AWARD in DUBAI, for a commercial he did which focused on the issue of ANTI-ABORTION and the promotion of using condoms. This also did well in South Africa at the annual VUKA! awards where it scooped a best editing award.

In 2009, Moleya was nominated for an EMMY AWARD in the BEST DRAMA category, for a law drama called SOKHULU and PARTNERS. Having directed two entire seasons of JACOBS CROSS (International drama series) this nomination was the icing on the cake as Moleya made his transition from series into commercials.