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Newark, NJ

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ThaGataNegrra is a Newark, NJ-based alternative hip-hop artist who specializes in innovative lyrics, cleverly twisted metaphors and a funky start-stop delivery that nails the listener from the word go; her rhyme arsenal runs the gamut from danceable ear candy to mind-searing aggression. Her distinct flow, catlike persona, and penchant for the odd not only earned GATA her feline namesake and the tag of the world's premier PunkRhyma™ , but made her a force that is undeniable.
GATA is painted as a manga/anime character of the hip-hop spectrum; her performances highlight this by featuring cosplay and visual kei style. Her musical style was colorfully described as “the bastard child of Hello Kitty and Eminem”, “infectious”, “honest”, and “full-bottle, in-your-face chick-hop”. Her influences range from Golden Era hip-hop and punk to dance and new wave. She is a founding member of The Alliance for Alternative and Eclectic Hip-Hop (AAEHH). She has been showcased at Code of tha Cuts: Project B-Girl at Vans Warped Tour, the ING NYC Marathon, and her music was included in the second and third seasons of the controversial, groundbreaking hit Hulu show "East Los High".

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