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  1. 06:42

    "Home Videos"

    by Kyle Inselman

    4 Videos

    Little videos that are just for fun or the heck of it.

  2. 08:37

    Higher Ed Videos

    by Kyle Inselman

    3 Videos

    From my work in higher ed admin.

  3. 07:53


    by Kyle Inselman

    2 Videos

    Films and videos of mine that are related to transgender themes, issues, or people.

  4. 00:00

    GSA Drag Show 2008

    by Kyle Inselman

    23 Videos

    The CU Gay-Straight Alliance Drag Show: Acts and Dreams of Kings and Queens October 30, 2008 "The biggest, brightest, and boldest, event of autumn term is fast approaching, and whether you are…

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  6. 00:00

    Travel Videos

    by Kyle Inselman

    4 Videos

    Videos from my travels across the USA and around the world.

  7. 04:25

    Student Films

    by Kyle Inselman

    6 Videos

    Productions I made while in high school and college, either in a class or as part of independent studies.

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