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I graduated from Kingston University in July 2004 with a degree in Illustration and Animation. During my degree I specialized in animation, working with drawn animation processes, 3D software and live action. After I graduated I worked at the visual effects company Framestore-CFC in Soho. I worked as a junior digital lab operator in the company working on film projects such as ‘Fateless’, ‘The Constant Gardener’ and ‘Sahara’.

In February 2005 I won a commission to make a music video for Warp Records for one of their artists, Gravenhurst, for the track ‘I turn my face to the forest floor’. The video won best music video at the ‘Holland Animation Festival’ in 2006. I completed a second music video for Gravenhurst for the single ‘The Velvet Cell.’ The film won best experimental film at ‘The International Festival of Cinema and Technology’ in New York and best music video at the ‘Norwich Animation Festival’. I also designed the band’s album artwork for ‘Fires in Distant Buildings’.

In December 2009 I completed a short film for a Channel 4/ Arts Council Scheme called Animate! with a film entitled ‘Unicycle Film’. In 2009 and 2010 I produced music videos and artwork for the band Animal Kingdom and the musician Joshua Radin on Warner Bros. Records. I have recently completed EP artwork and a music video for the artist Newton Faulkner for the track ‘Write it on your skin’ (Sony Music) and the rock band ‘Skunk Anansie’ for the track ‘I Believed in You’ (100% Records).

I work as a music video director, Illustrator, animator and create projections for theatre productions. I worked on projections for a play called ‘Outre’ directed by Darren Johnston, which ran in the Edinburgh festival in 2006 and later in the Queen Elizabeth Hall on the Southbank. In July 2007 I worked in New York, creating animation projections for a play called ‘The error of their ways’ directed by James Dacre. In Lisbon in 2008, I created animation projections for an opening to an animation festival called Monstra. In 2010 I produced a series of special animation and dance concert projections for a show in Paris. In 2011, I produced animation projections for the play ‘Orpheus and Eurydice’ which ran at the Old Vic Tunnels in London. It is really exciting for me to create animation to work with live music and performance.

I have exhibited drawings and paintings in England, China, Croatia, France and Italy. I am a prolific artist and produce work in many different mediums. I like to work with varied processes and materials in the films and images I make. With each new project I want to try something new.

I love to travel with my work and enjoy going to film festivals to present films I have made. In 2008 I was on the jury for commissioned films at the Holland Animation Festival and in 2010 was in China on the pre-selection jury for the CICDAF Animation festival. In December 2011 I was in Seoul on the animation jury for the Animpact festival.

I have screened retrospectives of my animation work in London, Paris, and in Seoul. My films have been screened in more than 60 International film festivals worldwide, Including in Annecy, Stuttgart, Hiroshima, SICAF, Melbourne, London and in Krok in Russa.

I work as an animation tutor and have run workshops in Colchester, Edinburgh and the Isle of Skye in Scotland, the Isle of Wight, Lisbon, Portugal and in Kassel, Germany.

I work with both drawn and stop motion animation equipment aswell as working with various 3D animation programs. I am proficient with Adobe After Effects, Adobe Photoshop and Final Cut Pro. Within our studio we have lightboxes, a rostrum camera and a great deal of additional camera equipment for filming live action and timelapse photography. I am mac based. For more complex green screen shoots (Skunk Anansie, Newton Faulkner) and larger scale projects I collaborate with other production companies.

I am a very prolific artist and enjoy working and collaborating on many kinds of projects. I live and work in London.

August 2012

Tel: +44 (0) 7816 839168


Thomas Hicks –傳記
本人於2004 年7 月在英國金斯頓大學動畫和插畫系畢業,擅長手畫動畫、3D 動
畫、實景拍摄。畢業後在倫敦視覺效果公司Framestore-CFC 擔任初級數位操作員,,涉
及的電影作品有 ‘Fateless’, 、‘The Constant Gardener’、‘Sahara’。
本人曾於2005年2月贏取了一個音樂短片的商業代理,其曲目‘I turn my face to the
forest floor’由 Gravenhurst (Warp唱片公司其下藝人) 製作。這短片更在2006年荷蘭動畫
節中獲得最佳音樂短片大獎。此外,本人更為 Gravenhurst 的單曲 ‘The Velvet Cell.’ 創
得了最佳音樂錄影獎。另外,樂團的唱片封套‘Fires in Distant Buildings’,也是出自本
2009年12月,本人為 Animate! (Channel 4 /藝術委員會計劃) 完成了一個動畫短片,
稱為‘Unicycle Film’。在2009-2010年間,為樂隊Animal Kingdom和華納兄弟唱片公司
音樂家Joshua Radin制作了音樂音樂影片和藝術原圖。最近,本人也為Newton Faulkner
的‘Write it on your skin’ (Sony Music) 和搖滾樂隊Skunk Anansie 的 ‘I Believed in You’
(100% Records) 制作了更多的音樂影片和藝術原圖。
有Darren Johnston 執導的‘Outre’,曾在2006年愛丁堡藝術節、倫敦Southbank的伊麗莎
白女王大廳中上映。2007年7月,本人於紐約為James Dacre 執導的 ‘The error of their
ways’ 戲劇作動畫工作。2008年,在里斯本為Monstra動畫動漫節創作了開幕動畫。
劇‘Orpheus and Eurydice’創作動畫投影,並在倫敦的Old Vic Tunnels 上映。對本人來
審。此外,2011年12月,在首爾的Animpact 節上擔任動畫系評審。
於Adobe After Effects、Adobe公司的Photoshop、Final Cut Pro。在我們的工作室中,有
動畫燈箱,rostrum 相機和大量的額外的攝像設備用作現場行動拍攝 和進行“延時攝
影。本人以mac 為基礎,,對於更複雜的的綠屏拍攝 (Skunk Anansie, Newton Faulkner)


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