Thanos Panagiotaros

Las Vegas

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I've been loving photography, film and video production since I was 12. Since you had to connect the VTR to the camera via a fat cable and wear the VTR over your back like a bag. Waiting for your Super 8mm to comeback for the projector viewing. That long.

After a hard-knocks journey of wedding, production, News Cameraman (sigh, scars open up when I think of those times) and finally freelance video production (hurray freedom!), I now work in the Las Vegas area as a DP, camera op, audio tech, editor and photographer.

I seem to be spending a lot of time running tests into the HD world as directions keep going all over the place, and I miss the days when you just put a betaSP tape in the camera and hit record.

I have not given up on film, though I have yet to do a project on film (can't do a big project without experience, and can't get experience without a big project) damn you catch 22's.

Other than that, I'm openly confessing I'm a geek, and I love technology and keeping up with the trends. I pray everyone gets sick of the digital race no one can possibly win and we all spend our time and money to go back to film!