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Thanos Kermitsis is an award winning film director and screenwriter from Greece.

He has graduated from the Film & Tv Studies Department of New York College in Athens.

He is a graduate of the Post Production Department of Intergraphics College of Digital Technologies in Applied & Fine Arts. He has a Degree in Public Administration from Panteion University.

All his films have won Awards in both Greek and International Festivals, and has also worked in various Short and Feature Films as an Assistant Director, Film Editor, Director of Photography and Actor.

He was the Festival Director of the Ionian International Digital Film Festival which took place in Lefkas in 2012 and 2013.

His first Feature film was the Fantasy Film “The Dragonphoenix Chronicles: Indomitable”, shot on a budget of just 10.000 euros having been selected in 12 International Film Festivals, winning 7 awards and 3 nominations and acquiring international distribution.

Two of his scripts, the crime/action drama "Family Park" and the sci-fi adventure "3L3N1" both won awards at the Greek Screenwriter's Guild Screenplay Competition 2015.


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