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Faith Dickey began slacklining with the same ambitions as most, just to cross between two trees in the park. Little did she know that these humble beginnings would turn into a passionate lifestyle where the pursuit of balance was at the forefront. After one year of slacklining in the USA, she traveled to Europe and began the more extreme aspects of the sport, Longline and Highline. Longlining invokes extended focus-times, endurance and control despite the elements. To keep your mind focused on one feat for such a long time is a new challenge for the human mind. Faith’s current longline best and the female world record is 222m (728ft). Faith’s ambitions as a highliner were humble in the beginning, however Highlining took everything she thought she knew about fear and threw it into the sky. To stand on one inch webbing stretched across a void, with all exposure penetrating ones vision and unhinging your brain, every iota of your being is telling you not to be there. This is fear and each step across that line pushes it slowly away. Faith broke the original female world record within 4 months of highlining, and has since set the female world record for Highlining length at 315 feet (96.5meters); record for height was in the Swiss Alps at 1200m (4000ft) from the valley. She continually breaks her own records to set new ones. She has an extensive free solo (walking with no security) record, the longest of which is 28m (92ft). Free solo continues to be a major focus for Faith, as the feeling of walking a highline with no security or safety line is the ultimate experience in mind and body control. One of her greatest motivations is to help promote and support other women in the realm of extreme sports, a discipline dominated by men. One method of doing this is organizing the annual Girls Only Slackline Festival, which has been 3 years running, held in Czech Republic. She hopes the idea will catch on and other such gatherings can take place around the world. In addition, she aims to continue establishing new lines around the world, opening highlines for future people to repeat.

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