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San Diego’s very own stars have each had an ear for music and a hunger for articulating collaborative sounds since 2006. Never have had done music together before, Tha Twinz quickly found their identity the same year due to the masses who couldn’t tell the two apart. With their fan base rapidly growing, members of the San Diego community created an image for the astounding artists. Swag. Nia Mack and Tha Tweetz are talented artists and songwriters residing in South East San Diego bringing Southern California more than vocals on a track, but quality and a well stimulated imagination.
Creating such sounds completely from scratch, producer Mac G provides Tha Twinz with instrumentals highlighting their already unique sound and versatility. Behind the history of the dynamic duo, evidence shows that both Tha Tweetz and Nia Mack were both previously musically inclined as they were exposed to music production five or six years prior. In the midst of weekly shows and positive networking, Tha Twinz have been creating music with other known artists all throughout San Diego and California in general to exploit the many talents that usually go un noticed.
Tha Twinz’ hit single titled, “San Diego Dip” has been widely demanded by all sectors of listeners as their playlist grows. The two have recently dealt with controversial topics through their music with hit song “I’m High”, a youtube favorite also in high demand. Both Nia Mack and Tha Tweetz have been breaking musical barriers by being female artists making underground music. Being one of the main sources where positive good music and gang relativity does not co exist.

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