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The campaign trail, Iran’s nuclear power plants, the effect of China’s communist strategies on their Olympic results,the European Union talks,or how about Wall Street’s October nightmare? Apparently none of the above seems to concern an independent underground electronic artist residing in Iran.

Arash Salehi a.k.a. The11 emerges from the depth of the very place that has welcomed gigantic nobodies and prolific has-beens during the last three decades: Persian music scene is what we’re indicating!But concerning the work of The11 project, not only we’re bound to replace our gauge with a new optimistic lens, but we’re dealing at least with some genuine quality (if not originality) in the electronic sound of The11. For him, there’s frankly a long road to walk knowing he has started jogging around for quite a while now. He might come to your town on the next step and isn’t that one giant leap in the era of anti-Iranian thoughts?

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