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The Attic STL is a ministry with 3 goals. First we seek to create an environment where anyone from any church or background can come and worship with other believers, regardless of where they came from. Secondly, we want to join the body of Christ together as one. There are hundreds of churches in every city, but that doesn't mean they have to remain separate when doing ministry and life. The Attic helps tear down the walls, and bring our community together in worship. Finally, a huge part of our focus is on reaching out to our community. We are partnering with different ministries and organizations in our area to make a difference in the local community.

What we actually do each month, though, is hold monthly worship nights. The third friday of each month, we join together with over 30 different churches in and around St. Louis to worship for about an hour. We feature worship leaders from different churches in the area, and we don't use the same people every month. Again, our goal is to mix it up in our community.

We also feature partnering churches, ministries, and other organizations on our website. One of the things we have been blessed to do is bring in people who don't have a church home, and help them plug in to a solid bible based church family. We are currently planning some incredible opportunities to serve in our community along side some awesome ministries and organizations in St. Louis.

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