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Tawny Foskett founded The Auteur Tribe in 2010. Tawny began her career in the 90’s studying and working as an actor and dancer. She worked primarily in film and theatre, traveling from LA to New York, and then to Florida, where she made the decision to study filmmaking, and a move to Northern California, soon followed. In 2004 she graduated from Humboldt State with a BA in theater and film. Graduate studies in film brought her further off the beaten path, this time to Melbourne, Australia. Upon graduation, and a quickly expiring visa, she returned to New York. She's since directed two more short films and a one-act play. Her recent short film, "Girls Who Smoke" will play on the festival circuit throughout 2012 and 2013: GirlsWhoSmokeMovie.com. On Twitter as: twitter.com/Auteur_Tribe

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