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Here's to the kid who lives in all of us!

Hello, I’m Darlene a.k.a. TheBabbleBeast.

Some of my interests:
Contributionist system (UBUNTU), Resourced-based system
(The Venus Project),
acting, alternative healing, animation, art, astrotheology, critical thinking (lol), critters, crystals, drawing, lecturing (lol), music, orgonite, painting, psychic manipulation by others (physical/spiritual) and how to avoid it, poetry, sculpturing, singing & song writing (lol), truth (or facts? lol), the whimsical, etc!!

I am an ENFP personality type.

I live in Canada.

Teachers I like to consider:
Santos Bonacci
Gregg Braden
Bill Donahue
Nassim Haramein
David Icke
Kate of Gaia
George Kavassilas
John Lash
Jordan Maxwell
Robert Morning Sky
Andrew Norton Webber
Michael Tellinger
Michael Tsarion

Suggested books:
The Source Field Investigations


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