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TheBassKillerz = Verona Voyage Agency

We are a young music lovers, who created a promoter, booking and advertising agency known as TheBassKillerz, which is just the tip of the iceberg of Verona Voyage Agency focused mainly on the performance of party/events with national and international talent and creating marketing strategies to bring the brand to your target market. Taking base in Mexico City and strengthened in the cities of Guadalajara & Playa Del Carmen, unveil the best and the latest international music at their party/events, while boosting Mexican talent, generalizing trends in electronic emphasized in the house, disco, deep, french house, indie dance, synth pop, techno, nu-disco especially and many more. In order to provide a new and different experience in every party/event.

Their website and facebook social network is its face to the world, being an online publication featuring electronic music tracks and mixes available for download, event information, and relevant news for the electronic music community.

Verona Voyage Agency
It is an agency that solves real business goals, minimizing risks to achieve higher remuneration to the final investment. TheBassKillerz born from this initiative with the work concentrating a specific target for BTL advertising, in events of the same brand.

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