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Starting with being-yourself, BEYU becomes a spiritual movement that unites people through their differences not their similarities. Individuality is an expression of self-love that when ignited liberates the inhibitions and fears of others. BEYU creates the apparel and accessories that promote this individuality and hunger for personal revolution. We can’t change the world until we change ourselves and we can’t change ourselves without first changing the way we think.

By being a conscious presence we are using our message to better ourselves thus enriching our local and global communities. From our youth to our elders we are creating events and programs that when experienced will give the people the confidence it takes to simply be themselves, and find purpose in this world with endless opportunities. We take every opportunity to inspire, creating platforms for people to showcase their talents and beliefs. Taking time to practice what we preach, we must all be living examples of the power of BEYU.

BEYU will continue to provide daily inspiration & motivation for people in search of who they are. Discovering “you” doesn’t happen in one moment but through the process of sojourning, readjusting and challenging the world, as we know it. Evolution occurs over time, change happens over time, but deciding it is time to change starts right now.

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