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THE BIRD AND THE MONKEY are a Scottish left-field pop duo: sculptor SARAHJANE SWAN and indie musician ROGER SIMIAN (The Stark Palace, Dawn Of The Replicants).

The Bird And The Monkey's video for Do You Wanna? was chosen by the BBC Music Video Festival 2011 to screen at Edinburgh Big Screen (a 25 square meter screen in Festival Square) for two weeks in Winter 2011.

Since forming in early 2010 the pair have made an album's worth of videos and released two singles on Shark Batter Records, which earned them airplay on Radio 1 (Vic Galloway & Ally McCrae), 6Music (Tom Robinson) and the series three Something Stupid episode of BBC2 teen soap, The Cut (along with the likes of Goldfrapp, The Breeders and Massive Attack).

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