The Brehms

Dallas, Tx.

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With a signature style and contagious energy, THE BREHMS are two eclectic songwriters fusing tasteful guitar and soulful vocals.

The contagious, uplifting spirit of this remarkable duo is highly evident when they perform live.

After collaborating on the Dallas jazz scene for many years, THE BREHMS recently came together to write their own stirring material.

Vocalist STEPHANIE YOUNG BREHM's siren sounds can be heard in many anime favorites, such as Clare in Claymore, Nico Robin in One Piece, and Kagura in Basilisk.

She also voiced the sultry temptress Selket in the XBOX game, Unreal Championship II.

Her singing voice can also be heard on the title tracks for such anime shows such as Dragon Ball Z and Negima.

DAVID L. BREHM studied jazz guitar at the University of North Texas and has played professionally throughout the south, especially with his sister Lynette Brehm

David's musical compositions can be found On the big screen in films like A NOBLE WAY.

With a clear passion for their craft, as well as each other, THE BREHMS deliver back-beat grooves with an uptown sensibility.

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