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“The Bush” is an innovative project that puts both music and narrative together, devised, written, composed, arranged and produced by Diego Buongiorno.
It is innovative because it is experimental, it is a novel approach to a creative process in contemporary work that defies definition.
A new kind of work created by the author’s desire to promote the return of magic, “The Bush” is the story of an imaginary place where we find Ava, a brave little heroine with butterfly wings who with her purity lights up the darkness of the forest, and fights the desperation of the dreamlike figures that she encounters. Ava is guided by Freyja, goddess of fertility and courage, endowed with prophetic virtues.
25 audio tracks have been composed for a true fairytale in 10 written chapters,that celebrates the need to go back to unconsciousness and to the courage of playing; more than 60 internationally known Artists have been involved as far as musicians, photographers, visual artists, illustrators, directors and designers; they represent 18 different countries in this epic journey into Music and contemporary Art; 19 original drawings made for an enchanting picture book that captures the same magical spirit found in the album; two audiobooks; a limited edition vinyl box set; two different kind of live show; a surrealistic film, a contemporary vision of the fairytale where each song of the album will be a part of the story. The imagery of the film is beautiful and scary, but I am sure you will be wishing to get lost into it.
“The Bush” is an independent and pure project, a complex and complete opera, a container of emotions that keeps a clear idea of play, a cornucopia of creative ideas that will develop into other projects such as live shows, exhibition concepts, installations and visual art, public performances and a host of others.

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