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  1. Manhattan Edit Workshop

    Manhattan Edit Workshop PRO New York, New York


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    We train and teach filmmakers, editors, colorists, sound editors, sound designers, cinematographers, motion graphic designers, VFX artists and web designers with our large range of unique classes in New York City. Creative people and professionals come to MEWShop to get the knowledge and skills they…

  2. bobsacha

    bobsacha Plus new york


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    Bob Sacha is a director, cinematographer, editor, teacher and photographer and a collaborator on visual journalism projects. He's crazy about 360 video. He shot the video for the Guardian US team project that won the Pulitzer Prize for Public Service, a National Emmy for New Approaches to News…

  3. Gerik Parmele

    Gerik Parmele Columbia, Missouri


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    I make media and tell stories for for The Crossing http://vimeopro.com/thecrossingcomo/featured

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