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Dave Logan (born February 2, 1954) is a radio broadcaster personality, entrepreneur, former NFL wide receiver, and high school football coach. Logan played nine seasons in the NLF between 1976 and 1984, a majority of which was played with the Cleveland Browns. As a radio broadcaster, Dave Logan is mostly known for being the host of "The Dave Logan Show" on 850 KOA Radio, and for being the "Voice of the Denver Broncos", where he radio broadcasts play-by-play coverage of Denver Broncos football games. As a high school coach, Logan has coached 19 seasons; his teams have made 17 postseason appearances, and have won 6 state championships.

Dave Logan was born in Fargo, ND and moved with his family to Wheat Ridge, Colorado, where Dave was an all-state football player at Wheat Ridge High School. While in high school, Dave was awarded The Denver Post's Gold Helmet award; an award reserved for the state's top senior football athlete, scholar, and citizen. Straight out of high school, Dave was drafted into the MLB by the Cincinnati Reds in the 19th round as a pitcher/infielder. However, Dave instead chose to continue on with his education rather than entering pro sports, and went on to attend the University of Colorado at Boulder.

While at the University of Colorado, Dave Logan was a varsity basketball and varsity football athlete. In 1974 and 1975, Dave was named an All-American athlete by Playboy and by Sporting News, respectively. In 1976, Dave was drafted into the NBA in the ninth round by the then Kansas City Kings, and was also drafted by the Cleveland Browns in the NFL draft in the same year, making him one of three total athletes in history to be drafted by all three major sports leagues in the United States.

Logan ended up deciding to enter the NFL, and played with the Cleveland Browns for eight seasons as wide receiver between 1976 and 1983. While with the Browns, Dave Logan ranked in the top five in "virtually every wide receiver category in franchise history", at the time. In 1984, Dave Logan went to play for the Denver Broncos for his final NFL season.

After leaving Football, Dave began a career in radio broadcasting. From 1993 - 2005, Dave and his co-host Scott Hastings hosted "The Zoo" on 850 KOA Radio. After Hastings' departure, Dave continued to broadcast with other co-hosts. From 2005 - 2011, Dave hosted a show called "The Ride Home" with co-host Lois Melkonian. When Melkonian departed in 2011, the show was renamed "The Dave Logan Show".

Dave Logan served as color commentator for the Denver Broncos for seven years before becoming the "Voice of the Denver Broncos" in 1996. He now calls all Denver Broncos games with color commentator Ed McCaffrey, another former Denver Broncos wide receiver. Dave has earned a number of awards as a broadcaster, including Broadcast Citizen of the Year in Colorado (1997), and Colorado Sportscaster of the Year (1992, 1993, and 1998).

As an entrepreneur, Dave Logan launched Team Dave Logan in 2009, a web-based consumer referral network of home improvement providers.

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