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are two and should actually be from Scandinavia.
This is at least what their music sounds like. But suddenly different: from the left the Schwebebahn comes into view, passing fallow industrial halls through a grey city.

Laura went from a rural dutch village to Wuppertal. Gregor moved from an idyllic Ruhrgebiet suburb to the center of Dortmund. Arnhem lies in between, where the two studied music at the conservatory.

Since that time they build big soundscapes around Laura's clear voice using acoustic, electric and bass guitars, synthesizers, glockenspiel, delays and loops: fields, forests, a little wooden cabin in the middle. Inside: little stories from Murakami's books about growing up as a twenty-something, home and longing for the faraway, put into clear song structures between spheric, warm Pop sounds and Folk.

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