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Portland Oregon

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I like to draw, write, act, sing, play musical instruments, publish, record, edit, smile, eat soft serve ice cream with nerds in it, manage "Couch Gallery" with my friends, get involved in projects that confuse people into smiling. I've got a soft spot for 3D movies and have spent a good deal of time thinking about girls. I like the idea of making my own vending machine. I like self publishing. I like sharing excitement with people and going over the bridges in Portland. I miss taking my bike on the bus. I've got a degree in comic books but I'm not sure where it is. I wrote a play once. I really want to do that again. I once planed an elaborate delivery of a root-beer float that involved a glow in the dark figurine, a briefcase, calligraphy, and a man in dark glasses reading a newspaper. I keep forgetting to drink hot chocolate while it’s cold out.

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