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Los Angeles

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We write and laugh and die.

We are a Los Angeles based comedy group. We've been featured on Attack of the Show, Funny or Die, and the LA Improv Festival. We will fuck you up.

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  1. Jacob Gentry
  2. Kirby Ferguson
  3. Douglas Burgdorff
  4. Sue Scrofa
  5. Micah Wolf
  6. The Doomed Planet™
  8. ghost ghost teeth
  9. Jeven Dovey
  10. Matt Jones
  11. Swearing At Motorists
  12. Roxy Makes Things
  13. Alonya Eisenberg
  14. Timothy C. Simons
  15. Will Maierica
  16. Hi Ho Silver Oh
  17. Hey Kevin
  18. Tremendosaur

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