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Grounded in dynamic and intimate physicality, The Dietrich Group challenges people’s perceptions of the interplay of mediums in live performance. Under the artistic directorship of visual artist/choreographer D.A. Hoskins The Dietrich Group facilitates interactive exchanges in art. The company’s goal is to create a hybrid of ‘sensory expressionism’ in the performing arts and ultimately to engage in a vital theatrical exchange.

The Dietrich Group was initiated in January 2008, with dance artists Danielle Baskerville and Brendan Wyatt as a desire to expand the expressive potential of dance by means of collaborative exchange and open dialogue with artists of different mediums.
The Dietrich Group has since created five full-evening multidisciplinary dance works and is establishing a core of diverse artists to facilitate connection, growth and continuity. It is becoming a ‘home base’ for experimental artists to be engaged in a contemporary art undertaking -– one that draws from different artistic disciplines while maintaining a focus on the strength and power of dance in theatre.
The Dietrich Group also aims to focus on the individuality of each artist’s voice within the collaborative whole. With this philosophy, each position and each player is of equal importance. Named after the screen goddess Marlene Dietrich, this association represents the character and strength of the individual that lies at the forefront of The Dietrich Groups’ collaborations.

- D.A. Hoskins Artistic Director

NOTES ON D.A. Hoskins by Fabienne Cabado
D.A. Hoskins has a holy horror of constrictions. Even though he is artistic director of The Dietrich Group, he remains an independent choreographer and a critic of the conformism that he believes holds sway in contemporary dance training and performance. “I’m an artist… and my job is not to play it safe,” he says. He finds in interdisciplinarity an excellent means of not being confined to such strictures, and since the beginning of his career has been joining forces with all sorts of different artists. These include the composer Gilles Goyette and the filmmaker Nico Stagias, who have participated in several projects such as Death of a Serious Clown, a piece commissioned for senior male performers, members of the Old Men Dancing company. It was with an eye to taking more risks in his approach to choreography that in 2008 D.A. Hoskins founded The Dietrich Group, a platform focussed on exploring a non-conformist aesthetic and a forum for interactive exchange. Taking risks involves not only an ongoing exchange and interacting with the different artists working on a piece, but also their commitment to exposing themselves in the process, for Hoskins believes that the idiom must be eminently personal in order to touch an audience. It is also how an artist responds to a quest for meaning. It comes as no surprise then that critics praise his audacity and his ability to renew his aesthetics. Style, elegance, humour, sensuality and power are terms often used when describing his work.

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