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Born in West Germany, the diva still listens to music on the amp that came over from Germany to the United States with her... perhaps that fact combined with a sweet vinyl collection has influenced her vintage disposition and retro style... Growing up in New York, Candi was exposed to many different kinds of music- Broadway standards seemed to be everywhere... Singing in church choir weekly probably influenced her soulful style... an instrumentalist, Candi was well-versed in musicianship that played over to her vocal competitions quite nicely... Having lived in both the city and the country, Candi is just as comfortable belting out tunes on wooded mountain tops and canyons as she is sending her soulful voice out on the subway or random street corners... A class act with a saucy and whimsical attitude.... also a veteran DJ, she's been known to do a hundred gigs in a year or more... Her adventuresome spirit has had outlets in quite a bit of skydiving experience and other assorted shenanigans such as zip-lining, hot air ballooning, and piloting sport aircraft... also spotted modeling on custom motorcycles for calendars, Candi flaunts what God has blessed her with and doesn't give a damn about conventional beauty standards... This chick is one helluva bumpy ride...

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