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The Echelon Effect came to life amid the long winter nights of February 2009, born from a burning desire to fall in love with music again. It started with a laptop and an idea: write a track, and make it huge. But one track became four, an EP that needed an audience. The tracks were posted on MySpace. And people began to listen.

‘Leaving It Behind’ was followed by two more EPs and remixes for The Appleseed Cast and City Breathing. Word spread, and the tracks began to attract positive reviews and gather airplay. What had begun as a way to stave off the dark and the cold had turned into something more.

The Echelon Effect’s debut full-length, ‘Reunion’, was the final part of a quartet of recordings that form ‘Wires and Tapes,’ an 141-minute sequential loop of tracks, each bleeding into the next and the last into the first. As a thank-you to the people who had been instrumental in the evolution of the Echelon Effect, fans were invited to record spoken statements about what home meant to them, which were incorporated into the album’s title track.

More remixes followed, for God Is An Astronaut, Codes In The Clouds, Our Ceasing Voice, Good Weather For An Airstrike and EVOLV among others. In March 2010 The Echelon Effect began work on ‘Mosaic’, their second full-length, featuring the addition of Steve T on drums. The next stage of the Echelon Effect’s journey was released on August 9th 2010.

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