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We are people who are on different stages of the journey with God. Some are just starting out and some have been on the road for a while. We are all seeking to become better people – men, women, sons, daughters, husbands, wives, parents, students, colleagues, and community members.
We are an authentic community that welcomes all people and cultures and has a deep desire to share the love of Jesus Christ.
We are an extended spiritual family – which means we love and care for each other, we share meals together, we support each other in times of need, we accept each other for who we are, we help each other grow even when growing is painful, and we pray for each other.
We are disciples. We believe that being a Christian is a way of life, so we serve together in our community and our world. Above all, we study God’s Word and worship our God together.
Finally, we envision impacting our world by providing resources to help start new churches and ministries.

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