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Michael Lavene David Jordan (Thee!General) or Michael Thee! is an American recording artist, videographer, photographer and aspiring producer. He started rhyming in 2006 and dropped a project titled Born to Lead in 2009, which wasn't put out online. In 2010, Michael wanted to make himself more valuable as an artist, so he attended The Art Institute of Philadelphia. Originally his goal was to become an audio engineer, but developed a relationship with video production. It's been nearly 6 years since then, and now Thee!General a.k.a Michael Thee! is ready to put out a heavy amount of work. His biggest accomplishments so far have been, participating in the Coors Light Search For The Coldest MC contest in 2013, representing Philadelphia and was recently named TOP 10 in Beatstars.com #Rhyme4PRhyme contest this year.

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