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My father taught me that, 'the journey of life has begun before you are born, and continues forever.
The wisdom from life begins after you are born, and can be lost if not passed on forever'.

This is where I learn from, some of the channels I created and curate with some other very special curators.

The world is our home,
The best camera is the one in your pocket, 'IPhone Cinema'
My Top 30 [TFA30],

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  1. Seph Ternes
  2. Sai Selvarajan
  3. Phil Hart
  4. Neftali
  5. Brent Foster (Foster Visuals)
  6. Tim Sessler
  7. Salman Sajun
  8. Garrett Bugbee
  9. Adam Burns
  10. Scott Duffy
  11. Payman Benz
  12. Jonas Hofmann
  13. Sebastian Linda
  14. StoryTravelers
  15. Shona Hamilton
  16. poon
  17. Aerial Entertainment Studios
  18. Yonder Blue Films

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