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Welcome to our on line home! Us Bitches (Jenn & Sarah) have very specific diets and sensitive tummies, dealing with this for years has allowed us both to learn a lot about cooking, baking, eating out and what changes need to be made to eat healthy and happy. We hope to share our experiences and knowledge with people all over who are new to this world of eating or who have been living with it all their lives. Keep checking in on us because we will be updating constantly.

Jenn is celiac and can’t even come anywhere near gluten or her tummy will let her know right away. Sarah on the other had has intolerances to almost everything, she has digestive issues which has forced her to cut out food that isn’t easily digestible such as yeast, wheat, dairy, red meat, raw veggies, grains, caffeine, pop, wine, processed foods, anything deep fried, store bought sauces & salad dressings, sorbitol, aspartame, high fat foods… there are probably a few things missing. Together we make eating out and cooking at home very interesting!

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