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  1. 03:41

    15 Second Comedy Videos

    by tim grable

    9 Videos

    The best comedy videos in 15 seconds. To find the perfect comedian for your next event visit

  2. 06:14

    30 Second Comedy Videos

    by tim grable

    7 Videos

    The best comedy videos in 30 seconds. To find the perfect comedian for your next event visit

  3. 28:46

    What are the best ministry outreach ideas?

    by tim grable

    2 Videos

    Are you looking for entertainment for your fellowship? Do you have an outreach event that needs clean fun and something unique?

  4. 25:58

    What gala fundraiser ideas raise the most money?

    by tim grable

    0 Videos

    Whether you are looking to find a magician, painter, singer, or any live performer, this comprehensive list of fundraising ideas for nonprofits will elevate your event while still being interactive…

  5. 44:33

    What corporate magicians are the best?

    by tim grable

    0 Videos

    More and more companies are turning to corporate entertainment venues to reward and please their employees. It should be no surprise that professional magicians are near the top for most requested…

  6. 43:49

    Secrets of the Best Christmas Office Party Ideas

    by tim grable

    4 Videos

    As the holiday season approaches with the speed of Santa’s sleigh many people are trying to come up with new Christmas office party ideas.

  7. 24:37

    8 Clean Comedians You Need to Know

    by tim grable

    1 Video

    Stand-up comedy is one of the most popular forms of entertainment in the world. Successful clean comedians can bring in huge audiences of people from across the country.

  8. 10:16

    What Christian Stand Up Comedians are Funny?

    by tim grable

    3 Videos

    Whether you are planning a party, fundraiser, conference, or outreach, one of the most important decisions you will make when organizing a Christian Outreach event is the choice christian stand up…

  9. 40:39

    How to find the best entertainment for office parties

    by tim grable

    2 Videos

    Finding the right entertainment for office parties should not be its job. While there is no shortage of talent out there, it can be difficult to know where to begin your search.

  10. 22:18

    Amazing Thanksgiving Outreach Ideas to Try Right Now

    by tim grable

    2 Videos

    Need Thanksgiving outreach ideas? We have the artists and performers you need to maximize your visibility, engage your participants, and increase attendance.

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