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The Greener Blue (TGB) is a network of surf-focused green bloggers and green-focused surf bloggers engaging visitors with a broad spectrum of information about sustainable and/or downright cool stuff from the surf culture, as well as ocean related environmental issues and causes.

Written by experienced surfers and topic experts, TGB offers authoritative content, compelling discussions, and actionable advice--not to mention access to the best of green surf products. Our partners and sponsors are examples of inspired cooperation and coordination, not branded warfare. The field is level--the products and ideas will speak for themselves--the audience is the decision maker.

Visitors can contribute to the conversation by joining in the dialogue between the TGB Voices and others on individual blogs, featured stories, videos, and product reviews. We invite and encourage anyone with questions, or curiosity, to add their voices to TGB, and share their approaches to enjoying the surf lifestyle while lightening their environmental footprint.

We want to help green and conscious ideas and products thrive and hope to be a catalyst for change by showcasing, engaging, and educating on both the best and the worst. Together, we can help to reduce environmental degradation and improve quality of life by fostering new consumption patterns and promoting sustainable lifestyles.

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