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Manda Aufochs Gillespie is The Green Mama, author of Green Mama: Giving your child a healthy start and greener future. She’s been writing, consulting, and giving advice (mostly solicited) on green living for a million years. Before handing out that (mostly solicited) advice she does a lot of research and tries things out on her own children and her husband. (They are all still living and they all still have their limbs.) Sometimes her husband rolls his eyes, but as the media says she is “the green guru” so he has to listen. Despite what her children may say, Manda is a lot of fun and mostly right. Manda has helped green one of America’s first major environmentally conscious childcares, managed one of the world’s only urban ecovillages, and has taught hundreds of parents and small business about how to go green (without going broke). She has appeared as the green living expert on the TV shows The Lazy Environmentalist (HBO) and Save My Planet (ABC’s Living Well Network). She is a columnist for EcoParent Magazine, the Vancouver Observer, and publishes the popular She can be found on social media as The Green Mama, but prefers to be found riding her bicycle with her two kids and lots of kale piled in the back. 

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